Here in Canada, we are privy to picture perfect winters that line our streets and cover our trees in the gleaming white dust we know and love.

But with great snow comes ice, and with ice can come bone-chilling temperatures. While cold weather is occasionally welcomed for guilt-free snow days filled with hot chocolate and Netflix, they aren’t always full of winter wonder.


In fact, thousands of families were displaced from their homes in recent years after experiencing damage caused by freezing temperatures.

When the outside temperature drops below -6 degrees C° your water lines can freeze causing water to expand by approximately 9% it’s original size. This places extreme pressure on your pipes and can cause them to eventually crack or burst. Even the smallest crack can lead to significant damage. In fact, a 1/8″ gap can lead to hundreds of gallons of leaking water per day flooding into your home leading to catastrophic damage.

Don’t let winter flood damage happen to you. When the temperature drops, make sure you’re getting the help you need.

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