4 Types Of Floods That Could Affect You

Floods are the most common natural disasters in the world. They cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year. Even if you don’t live in a high-risk flood zone, flooding can affect your property.

Here are the four most common floods that could affect you in Alberta:

  1. Flash Floods
    A flash flood is a sudden, localized flood of great volume and short duration, typically caused by unusually heavy rain. Flash floods can reach their peak volume in a matter of a few minutes and often carry large loads of mud and rock fragments, cars and trees.

  2. River Floods
    River Floods are characterized by gradual riverbank overflows caused by extensive rainfall over an extended period of time. The areas covered by river floods depend on the size of the river and the amount of rainfall. River floods rarely result in loss of lives but can cause immense economic damage as we saw in the 2013 Calgary flood.
  3. Urban Floods
    Urban floods occur when the drainage system in a city or town fails to absorb the water from heavy rain. The lack of natural drainage in an urban area can also contribute to flooding. Water flows out into the street, making driving through it very dangerous. Although water levels can be just a few inches deep, urban floods can cause significant structural damage.
  4. Pluvial Floods
    Pluvial flooding occurs when an extremely heavy downpour of rain saturates drainage systems and the excess water cannot be absorbed, causing puddles and ponds to appear. Pluvial flooding is like urban flooding, only that it occurs mostly in rural areas.

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